Dreaming the Great Bear


York Theatre Royal, St. Leonard's Place, York, YO1 7HD


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Concessions: £12
Suitable for Adults (14+)

A cow stands in a fire holding sun and moon between her horns.

A pine martin gathers spit from the mouth of a bear to brew beer.

An egg falls from a nest just balanced on the sky-girl’s knee.

And from its broken shards, nothing becomes something…

Storyteller, musician and singer, Nick Hennessey forges a world into being. Here in the Finnish far north the light is a just little too bright and the dark a little too blinding, the rivers flow fast and deep, and it’s all too easy to get lost in the forest.

Held within a wild enchanted soundscape of story, song, percussion, mbira, and harp – this remarkable performance of elemental epic lures us into the untamed, playful, and surreal territories of the Finnish creation myth – the Kalevala.


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