workshops 2019

Following on from the success of the courses in 2018, this year Nick will be running three workshops giving storytellers at all levels of experience a closely guided opportunity to explore, reflect and develop skills to make a leap forward.
18th – 22nd April                 
 “Open Mouth, Story Jump Out”: Beginners
4th – 8th July                                 The Rooted Tongue”
28th August – 1st September
“The Three Pillars of Storytelling”

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All courses will be held in Brigsteer Village Hall, in the beautiful Lake District National Park. A list of local accommodation will be  available to ensure participants find what they need. Lunch and supper will be provided for each day.

“Open Mouth, Story Jump Out!’  Storytelling for Beginners

18th – 22nd April 2019

Ever wondered what it would be like to tell a traditional story? Ever wished you had a story to tell? Then this workshop is for you, a complete beginner’s introduction to storytelling.Over four days we will explore our inherent skills at spinning a yarn. Drawing on traditional sources, both literate and oral, we will look at different forms of stories, folktale, legend, wonder tale and epic myth, focusing on story structure, language and voice projection, helping you take your first step or next step in telling a story to an audience. On at least one day we will venture out into the beautiful Lake District fells to share stories in natural settings.

It takes courage to invite the listeners’ attention, and it takes skill to hold it. With care and support, Nick will lead you towards learning how to honour the listener and the story in equal measure.

Cost: £250

“The Rooted Tongue”

with Nick and Emily Hennessey

An exploration of physicality for artists of the spoken word with some performance experience.

4th – 8th July 2019

As spoken word performers we prioritise the role of language in our work, yet there is no speech without the body, and the body is the space. What goes on between language and gesture? What are the possibilities for free and purposeful movement in speaking?

In this workshop we will explore the fundamental axis of our bodies, taking our inspiration from nature, leading us towards an embodied and creative approach to the performance space; we will investigate the way each of us move, and, moving away from habit towards conscious purpose, finding a unique and authentic style; we will look at the role of gesture and how imaginary spaces are created and sustained physically; and we will explore the different bodies of narrator and character.

Aimed at all spoken word performers, storytellers and poets with a thirst for adventure, the emphasis in the workshop will be on playfulness, creativity and exploration.

Cost: £290

The Three Pillars of Storytelling

28th August – 1st September

The workshop is for storytellers who already have experience of performing traditional stories to public audiences, and depends on each participant having a basic repertoire of stories, ideally a variety of folk tale, wonder tale and myth.

The first day will be spent working with physicality, exploring the ways the body moves, what its potential is, from full capacity to the smallest gesture, investigating what is appropriate for different contexts and styles.

The second day will be focused on language and the voice, broadening vocabulary through explorations in alliteration, rhythm, and looking briefly at song.

The third day will be spent looking at different kinds of story and their structures, learning how to find the pulse and pivot points.

The fourth day will be a chance to put into practice everything we’ve explored, finding how the three pillars underpin service of the story.

With the Lakeland Fells on our doorstep we will take one day to venture out amongst the mountains and becks, finding the elemental forces in our bodies, words and stories.

Cost: £290